We are a company based in Paris. Our inspiration revolves around the search for beauty and purity. We are art enthusiasts who seek the beauty of artistic creation in all things. We offer you on this site contemporary works of art, artistic objects and furnishings of very high quality. We seek the beauty of form in its most perfect minimalist expression.

We are based in Paris, but our artists and our works come from all over the world, we deliver our works all over the world in record time.

Our commitment

The search for beauty and purity is a constant quest. We work with artists and creators, anonymous and known in order to offer them a platform, a voice to promote their art and reach new and different people. We thus support artists of all stripes and all origins, from photography to painting, from sculpture to visual art. Our only mantra is the pursuit of beauty in its purest, minimalist form.

Interior and exterior decoration

Our pieces have a single function, to bring beauty, reflection and serenity. All of the works and objects of Deolieu are designed for the interior or the exterior of a living space. Whether it is a house or a business, art brightens up, brings pleasure and often opens the mind.


You will find on our site works at prices and various origins updated regularly. We are of course available to advise you and help you in your choices.

Make an artistic bet that will bring an eminently positive note to your life. Reconcile beauty and the art of living.

Interior and exterior decoration